Boseong – green tea fields in winter

It took us an embarrassingly long time to visit the famous green tea fields considering we actually live in Boseong. After ten months of just not getting round to it, it took us 20 minutes to get there.


The first area we arrived in was set up for the light festival. It was too early to see the lights but we grabbed some corn dogs from a stall before heading to the fields. I had a normal corn dog (as normal as a corn dog can seem to a Scottish person anyway). Ryan is a psychopath and bought a corn dog that was also coated in fries…

the picture doesn’t do justice to how big this thing was

After our nauseating snack break, we walked around the first fields we found. They were pretty nice, but it took us an hour to realize they weren’t even the main attraction fields. The bigger fields are through a gate and charge a small fee. On either side of the gate there are some shops and cafes where you can get your green tea fix in mainly liquid and ice cream form.

Tea at a cafe just before entering the main fields

There is a trail up and round the fields with plenty of viewing spots. The climb to the top gets kind of steep but nothing too intense.

Me reluctantly doing something akin to exercise

Once we had conquered the walk to the top of the fields, the sun was starting to set so we headed back to the light festival area. Some more food options had appeared including a food truck that served some very tasty fried steak pieces with onion and mushroom.


The main feature of the festival was a long tunnel of lights where people could hang up notes and take a whole bunch of photos. It wasn’t a huge festival, but it made for a nice end to the day that you wouldn’t get in the summer months.



Getting to the tea fields form Boseong terminal is very easy. You’ll find the bus at the stand furthest from terminal building. (there are only 5 or 6 stands) On the front of the bus look for 녹차밭 in green writing. This is also the bus that will get you to Yulpo beach.


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