Gwangju – Jungoe park and The Museum of Art

I had thought that Jungoe park would be an addition to our What to do in Gwangju post, but there were a bunch of photos I didn’t want to leave out so here we are. Jungoe park contains The Gwangju Museum of Art, The Folk Museum and a cute but rusty little amusement park. The Gwangju Biennale is also here, but it’s currently closed

The park was a short taxi journey from Gwangju bus terminal and is well known which means the taxi driver will know what you’re talking about. We usually end up taking taxis to weirdly specific places and trying to show them google maps which usually leads to everyone in the car becoming stressed and talking very quickly in a language that the other person doesn’t really speak so that we might as well all be yelling BLAH, BLAHBLAH. BUBLAH!

I digress.

When we arrived at the park, we stopped in at the dessert cafe in the Museum of Art to get coffeed up for the day, then started exploring the paths in the rough direction of the amusement park. The whole park is not as big as the tourist map makes out, but there’s definitely enough space to wander aimlessly for a while, and a few paths that will take you through the trees.

A top notch bench outside the dessert cafe.
A viewing point at the top of the park.

We weren’t really planning on going on any rides at the amusement park since we had guessed it would be mostly for kids, but we did end up going on the thing that was probably most for kids. I don’t know what you call these things, but it was like a cart on a rail that you peddled round in a loop. We were literally the only non adult-child pairing that we saw on this thing, but I think it was worth it.

The not quite abandoned amusement park!



We had to keep our bags on our knees whilst trying to peddle and take pictures, and it added an extra level of ridiculousness to us going round on this rickety kids ride that I very much enjoyed.

Next, we did some more wandering and relaxed in the park a little. It was fairly busy, but there was still plenty space for us to play Frisbee and claim a good spot under a tree near The Folk Museum. Folk Museums aren’t really our thing so we didn’t go in, but they had some stuff outside that we walked around and it all seemed good and folk-like, so I’m sure it’s good in there if that’s your jam!


After playing Frisbee in the sun, we needed a break from the heat and decided now was a good time to go in the Art Museum. There was no entrance fee, and it’s split over two floors. The second floor displayed their new acquisitions, and the first floor is currently a series of paintings focused on the Sewol Ferry disaster. I found this deeply affecting and strongly recommend going to see it if you still can. You can check what’s on at their website here.


Once we had covered both floors of the museum we needed to have lunch. Throughout the morning, people had been setting up food stalls just outside the museum and they were finally open, so we grabbed some stuff there.


We ended our trip with some more wandering around and picture taking before heading to Gwangju down town.  The park was gorgeous and would probably have been a worth while visit even if it didn’t have a great museum. If you’re looking for a day out without having to trek to far from the bus terminal, this is the place to be.

Gotta get those blossom pics while you can.


Here’s some more stuff you can do in Gwangju!


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