A summer day in Daejeon

I’m usually a fan of planning trips in advance and making sure we know what our options are, rather than just turning up in a place and saying “what do?” Last week we made a last minute plan to go to Daegu. When the bus turned out to be fully booked, we made an even more last minute plan to go to Daejeon. That meant a lot of not really knowing what we were doing next, sometimes feeling at a loss and plenty of “what do???”

Here are few things we stumbled upon.

We headed to the Hanbat Arboretum which is set in a beautiful park with art galleries and a rose garden.  If you’re looking for a relaxed day and maybe a picnic, this is a good place to head. If you’re getting a taxi, it’s “한밭수목원.”


In the evening, while heading to a bar we had heard about online (which turned out to be pretty mediocre) we walked into a busy light festival with performances and stalls, just by City Hall station.



Finally, after a fairly disappointing venture to a rooftop lounge bar which did not meet my definition of a rooftop bar (if you have full height walls surrounding it, it’s not a rooftop bar, it’s a roofless bar at best) we found ourselves wandering around some downtown street. In among all the busy bars and clubs there was a weird doorway that just said “Ethnic Bar”. There wasn’t some guy standing outside shouting and throwing flyers at us which made it stand out, so we headed down the stairs to have a quick look. Ryan reached the bottom before me, turned to look at me and just said “yes.” It was mainly lit by candles, with a water feature running through the center and cushions on the floor to sit on.


We didn’t get a lot done in Daejeon, and we would have definitely benefited from having a plan, but if you find yourself having a “what do??” moment in Daejeon, The Arboretum is a good place to start and Ethnic Bar is a good place to finish.


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